Shiny New Samsung Tablet Builds Your Customer List

Start collecting your customers most important number, their cell phone, and create a relationships that increases the three "R's": repeat business, referrals, and reviews

  • Tablet experience designed for your business
  • Video integrated for deep engagement  
  • Showcase specials, events, new products
  • Quick and easy for customers to use
  • WiFi and 3G-enabled to back up your customer list  
Reward Tiers

Your Own Rewards Program for Increasing Order Frequency

Build and inspire repeat customer spend by creating your own reward tiers based upon how often customers shops with you

  • Custom reward tiers based on your business
  • Reward status shown to customer
  • Customer can save reward for later
  • Rewards quickly and easily redeemed using tablet 
  • Limit check-in timeframe to reduce double earning  

Generate More Reviews with Higher Ratings

Remind customers to write a review after their visit using text message and grow your number of reviews and increase ratings

  • Authenticated reviews based on real customers
  • Reminder sent after check-in (customizable)
  • Choose where review is published  
  • Request positive reviews be shared  
  • Simple reply feature 
Automated texts

Send Personalized Texts, Automatically

Rekindle relationships with customers who haven't visited in a while to drive them back in

  • Sent based upon last check-in (customizable)
  • Include # check-in's away from reward 
  • Customize message template  
  • Offer one-time reward to drive visits 
  • Measure success with detailed reporting  
On Demand Texts

Send Texts When You Want

Communicate with your customers during holidays, special events, announcing new products/services, or just to say hi

  • Send to entire customer list or a specific segment
  • Schedule for sending on specific date/time 
  • Create recurring monthly send  
  • Offer one-time reward to drive visits 
  • Include link to webpage with more details